Hello, I am José Rodil, a skilled artisan specializing in the traditional crafting of pocket knives and knives. Welcome.

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  1. Download the catalog in PDF format, which we have made available to you via the following link.
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  3. Finally, contact us via WhatsApp at (+34) 648 11 53 85 , or send us an email at jrodilartesania@gmail.com to place your order.

Experience the convenience of shopping online and find the best prices for all our pocket knives and knives in our online store. Browse our full catalog at daponteonline.com.

 Discover our history

In the early 19th century, a skilled artisan named Manuel worked in a small forge located in the village of Llan in Taramundi. This humble craftsman resided in a modest home nestled amidst the serene beauty of the surrounding forests. With careful attention to detail, he crafted practical yet elegant pocket knives and knives to meet the demands of the era.


Customize your order:

Engrave your name

For a small additional charge, we can engrave a first name, last name, initials or company name on the blade of the pocket knife or knife. If you would like to personalize your product in this way let us know.

Wooden box

Consult with us, download our catalog or visit our online store to discover the wooden boxes we have to store and present your knife.


For several years, craftsman J. Rodil has collaborated with various media outlets to promote the art of pocketknife craftsmanship.

National television stations, including TVE, Cuatro, La Sexta, TPA, and TVG, have featured his work, showcasing the intricate process of creating these timeless tools. Many of these programs can still be found online, such as "A revista da fin de semana," "Reporteiros," and "Cos pés na terra."

We have also been featured in radio programs and newspaper articles, such as "El Progreso" and "La voz de Galicia."

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